Wondering what Fabio's been up to? He's been in comedian Jon Daly's mind.

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Starring Fabio & Jon Daly
Featuring Ingrid Haas
Directed by Ben Berman
Written by Jon Daly
Produced by Christin Trogan
Director of Photography: Brian Burgoyne
Edited by Ben Berman & Jon Daly
Additional editing by Neil Mahoney
B-Camera Operator: Eric Nortarnicola
Stedicam Operator: Alex Sax
First AC: Matt Mazany
Gaffer: Edgar Martin
Grip: Dagan Reinhardt
Sound: BoTown Sound
Hair and Makeup: Shauna O'Toole
Wardrobe: Janicza Bravo
Production Design: Katie Byron
Production Assistants: Elliot Dickerhoof, Kendall Anlian, & Samantha Gross
Restaurant Patrons: Katie Boyle, Erin La Rosa, Jake Regal, Mark Stablein, Jeremy Sternberg, Sayat Ozcan, Rachel Hastings, Chris Kanik
Pool Party: Stephanie Mayer, Marisa Devonish, Tanya Shaby, Jaclyn Mason, T'Lane Briggeman, Kirsten Barrie, Sabrina Phillip, Jacquelyn Aurora, Shaela Cook
Special thanks to: Yannick and Jean-Yves of California Canteen (www.californiacanteen.com)

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Male Voice: (whisper) Exclusive
[cell phone alert]
[motorcycle revs in the background]
Jon Daly: Fabio!
[U2 "Beautiful Day" plays]
U2: ♪ It was a beautiful day ♪
U2: ♪ Don't let it get away ♪
U2: ♪ Beautiful day ♪
Fabio: Jon Daly.
My friend.
Jon Daly: How's it going?
Fabio: Good.
How are you doing?
Jon Daly: Good man.
Jon Daly: What? Are you out
for joy ride?
Fabio: Oh yeah.
That's my new toy.
Fabio: I took it for a ride.
Jon Daly: You have a new
Jon Daly: (scoffs) God Fabio. I
always knew you had a
Jon Daly: need for speed, but you
got the need for speed, man.
Fabio: I think I need to go
to speed-holic anonymous.
Jon Daly: Speed-holic anonymous?
Fabio: Yep.
Jon Daly: That's awesome dude.
Do you mind if I take that
Jon Daly: for my act?
Fabio: Sure, go ahead.
Jon Daly: (giggles) Motorcycles. That's funny man.
Fabio: So, tell me, how's
comedy going?
Jon Daly: It's tough. Tough road,
but it's good.
Jon Daly: I'm going to some sick
meetings out here.
Jon Daly: Last week, I met with
this guy who's name was
Jon Daly: Bill Cosby. I go into the
meeting, and it's not Bill Cosby.
Jon Daly: It's just a guy
named Bill Cosby.
Fabio: That's Hollywood.
Jon Daly: Oh, fuck.
[still laughing]
Jon Daly: That's just so funny.
[laughing] Thank you.
Jon Daly: It's all material
right? Life is material.
Ingrid Haas: Hey.
You waiting on someone?
Jon Daly: Uh, could I get two bloody
Ingrid Haas: Two?
Jon Daly: Two.
Ingrid Haas: Sure.
No problem.
Jon Daly: Oh.
Fabio: Jon Daly.
Jon Daly: I think I'm in love
with her.
Fabio: Jon Daly.
Jon Daly: Would you do me a favor?
Just do the thing.
Fabio: Jon Daly.
Jon Daly: Come on man.
You're the lady whisperer.
Jon Daly: Come on Cyrano de Fabio.
Fabio: Sure.
You can have it.
Jon Daly: Thank you so much.
You won't regret it.
Jon Daly: Wave.
Fabio: (voiceover) Morph.
Fabio: Jon Daly. Crack a joke
about a duck.
Jon Daly: What do you call a
duck law firm?
Jon Daly: Quack, quack, and
Fabio: Tell her, her hazel eyes
burn hotter than
Fabio: molten lava.
Jon Daly: Your eyes are like
if lava was hazel.
Fabio: Jon Daly come on.
Don't fuck it up.
Jon Daly: That's hard to
remember man.
Fabio: You fucked it up.
Jon Daly: That's hard to remember.
Ingrid Haas: Do you really
think that?
Jon Daly: It worked anyway bro.
Fabio: Fuck it. Go for it.
Jon Daly: Alright.
[U2 "Beautiful Day" plays]
U2: ♪ It was a beautiful day ♪
U2: ♪ Don't let it get away ♪
U2: ♪ Beautiful day ♪
[music stops]
U2: ♪ Touch me ♪
U2: ♪ Take me to that
other place ♪
U2: ♪ Reach me ♪
U2: ♪ I know I'm not
a hopeless case ♪
U2: ♪ What you don't have you
don't need it now ♪
U2: ♪ What you don't know you
can feel it somehow ♪
U2: ♪ What you don't have you... ♪
[water rustling]
[U2 "Beautiful Day" plays]