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Written by Iris E. Scott with quotes from, "Mrs. Doubtfire", "The Gomer Pile Show", Londonderry Air, "Fridays, " Julia Child, Hamburger Helper, Zyrtec, "Shrek, " Carl's Jr commercial, "As Good As It Gets, " "Land Before Time, " "Bruce Almighty, " "ET, " Host in "Terminator the Ride" - Universal Studios, some cereal commercial and Elvis, with original characters inspired by Roseanne Binem and Flo in "Mel's Diner."

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September 29, 2010


Hello! I'm Roseanne, and you're Maryanne, your mama's name is Anne and I'm Roseanne and...and you are so funny, oh boy! Oh Danny Boy the pipes, the pipes are shot. Oh Gomah! How are you? What did you do to your nose? Haven't you heard of like, rhinoplasty? It makes a terribly good pate. And I helped! Well, what's in it? Ragweed and pet dander, gumdrop buttons, burger and noodle salad. It's my favorite, favorite! It's good, good. Super. So look for this recipe and more at That is correct Senator. ...and you're Maryanne.... Thank you, thank you very much.