Jesse James, in his own words, about the current scandal

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April 01, 2010


Your reaction when Sandra found out?
I think you’re initially you’re scared a little bit that you really, really like f’d up

Everybody was kinda like what the f.

Yah, and then it’s just pain and sore and you know trying to overcome it

Did you ever try to stop?

Actually the stuff that I do is super fun. And it’s like, it would probably be stuff I’d be doing anyway even if no one was looking.

Why so many?
Just like I keep one-upping myself

Do you ever question your level of intelligence?
Uh… I don’t know

No fear of diseases??
It was free, pie, free pie, free pie

Please give is deep insight into why you cheated?
It’s just me doing stupid shit for fun

Finally, how's rehab?
And it was pretty brutal but you know didn’t embarrass myself too bad
I think I got it all out of my system