Lizzy the Lezzy stand up comedy videos - “SINGLE” Lizzy the Lezzy talks about being a single lesbian

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Lizzy the muff munching lesbian again. Well actually, I’m not munching any muff
at the moment because I’m single. (sigh) it’s hard being single. I mean, how am
I supposed to be a lesbian if I’m not munching muff?


I know
some of you will be saying… well… you shouldn’t be munching muff anyway… it’s
wrong for women to munch muff. Well, being a lesbian isn’t just about licking
pussy, oh no. It’s about sharing socks and tampons. It’s about crying after sex
and always running out of toilet paper.  It’s
about wondering who’s going to kill the spiders. Hmm.  Well I suppose it is mainly about being a muff