The Fixer Upper Brothers put their expert skills to use helping out a power couple with their ceiling issues.

Full Credits

Starring Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott
Featuring Marshall Givens and Joe Hartzler
Director - Danny Jelinek
Producer - Matt Mazany
DP - Mike Karnell
Editor - John Ford
Production Designer - Micah Embry
VFX - Caleb Swyers
Production Coordinator - Ben Parks
Camera Operator - Jordan Martin
Gaffer - Igor Tochilnikov
Make Up - Emily Rae
Camera Assistant - Casey Donahue
Art Assistant - Rick Mader
AD - John McKay
1st AC - Matthew Knudsen
2nd AC - Adam Bial
DIT - Joel Terry
Gaffer - Joseph Booth
BB Electric - Joseph Henderson
Key Grip - Jason Webster
BB Grip - Brad Carr
Grip - Matt Sweeney
Production Designer - Tricia Robertson
Art Director - Mike Robertson
Makeup - Brenna Haukendahl
Sound Mixer - Shannon Deane for BoTown Sound
Wardrobe - Tala Bakhtar
PA - Andrew Grissom & Cole Mcfarlane


Female Narrator: John
and Barry are building a tree
home for their
Burlington constituencies.
After working with the
brothers to choose
their fixer upper,
it was time to
get fixer-upping.
There's only one
These two can't
agree on anything.
Drew Scott: We're going to walk you
through what we were thinking.
Drew Scott: Now Barry, I know that you
want to raise that ceiling as
Drew Scott: high as possible, but John,
you want to lower
Drew Scott: it to about knee level
making the room completely
Drew Scott: useless and nonfunctional.
Joe Hartzler: That is my
dream ceiling.
Marshall Givens: We would not be able
to use that room.
Marshall Givens: That room's useless.
Drew Scott: Why don't we talk
about the ceiling later.
Drew Scott: And in the mean time,
there are a lot of other
Drew Scott: structural and safety
issues we need to address.
Jonathan Scott: I have a particular concern
with that dog door.
Jonathan Scott: You can tell it's a DIY
job gone bad. It's--
Joe Hartzler: I want to talk about
the ceiling. Okay?
Joe Hartzler: Unless we lower
that ceiling,
Joe Hartzler: I will shut this
whole project down.
Joe Hartzler: I've got to take a stand.
[he deeply inhales]
Jonathan Scott: What is he doing?
Marshall Givens: He's holding
his breath.
Marshall Givens: He's like a child.
Jonathan Scott: Okay, let's
move on.
Joe Hartzler: You guys agree
with me yet?
Female Narrator: Already
massively over budget,
the couple took out a huge loan
from the National Bank of China.
To get this fixer upper,
up and fixed,
these fixer-uppers
would have to up their
fixing up game.
Jonathan Scott: Now this is a particularly difficult project,
Jonathan Scott: because I'm not even
exactly sure what we're
Jonathan Scott: trying to
accomplish here.
Drew Scott: It just seems like they're stuck
on arguing about one dumb thing.
Drew Scott: It's a [beep] ceiling.
You know, there's tons of other
Drew Scott: issues with this house
we have to deal with.
Jonathan Scott: We just have to find a way
to bring these two together--
Marshall Givens: It needs to go up!
Female Narrator: The brothers
were fixer up against a wall.
For this fixer upper, the
fix was in, and the time was up.
So they had to work to
figure something out.
Marshall Givens: Wow.
Jonathan Scott: Well, we know that you
both had very different
Jonathan Scott: ideas about what
you wanted.
Jonathan Scott: Now Barry, I know the ceiling
isn't as high as you wanted,
Jonathan Scott: and John, it's not as
low as you wanted,
Jonathan Scott: but it's yellow.
Jonathan Scott: That's something.
Jonathan Scott: And you know what, we
focused so much on this one area
Jonathan Scott: that we didn't have any
time to renovate any of the
Jonathan Scott: other rooms, but we
opened up the windows,
Jonathan Scott: and a bit of fresh air came
in to breeze things out a bit.
Marshall Givens: To be honest,
Marshall Givens: we're both probably
gone in a couple of years.
Marshall Givens: So,
Marshall Givens: just go and kick that
can down the road.
Joe Hartzler: Yeah. [bleep] it.
Drew Scott: This is the best
we can do.
Drew Scott: So good luck
to you guys.
Female Narrator: The fixer uppers,
have fixered it up again.
♪ [music] ♪