Joshua Jackson hit San Diego this weekend for Pacey-Con, the annual event for all... more »

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Starring Josh Jackson
Directed by Eric Appel
Written by Alex Fernie, Eric Appel, Ryan Perez
Produced by Ally Hord
Executive Producer - Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
2nd Camera: Scott Johnson
Edited by: Kevin Oeser
Sound: BoTown Sound
Special Thanks: Darryl Gudmundson, Dashiell Driscoll, Katie Byron, and Dustin Bowser

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(whispers) Exclusive
Joshua: Hi, I'm Joshua Jackson
and I'm here at the San
Diego Convention Center
at one of the years biggest
entertainment events.
♫ (superman music) ♫
The only convention that
celebrates all things
Pacey Witter and Dawson's Creek
in the entire country
and this year it's gonna
be better than ever.
So, let's get out there
and meet some Pacey fans.
♫ (Dawson's Creek music) ♫
Welcome to Pacey-con, everybody.
Thanks for coming.
Welcome to Pacey-Con.
Pacey-Con is my favorite time of the year
because it allows me to interact
and give back to the people
who devoted their lives,
really, to Pacey.
Big, big Dawson's Creek fans. Yeah?
You guys, I got to tell you.
These are excellent Pacey costumes.
I appreciate the spirit.
There's a big Dawson's
Creek fan right here.
Welcome to Pacey-Con,
we'll see you at the Q&A
a little bit later.
Getting to be out amongst the people
who've had their childhoods and adulthoods
shaped by this amazing character,
it's a great chance for me as an artist
to participate in the
ongoing life this way.
Come one, come all, to
the Pacey-Con later today!
All the great unanswered questions
of Dawson's Creek will finally
be answered here today.
Crowd member: Good job on Fringe!
Joshua: On what?
Crowd member: Fringe.
Joshua: Dawson's Creek?
People ask me all the time
why I'm working on the show Fringe
and the honest answer is I'm only doing it
to fund my first love
which is Pacey Fan Fiction.
The winter sun was cold,
but bright as Pacey -
Crowd: Woo! Woo!
Joshua: squinted in the glare.
He rubbed hard at the ...
You can just expand the
universe of that character
in any direction that you want.
But for so many reasons,
the obvious one being Dawson,
it also ...
A Pacey self-help book
or the Dow of Pacey,
Pacey for Dummies, Pacey
Soup for the Teenage Soul.
Okay, I promise to stop
reading if you all come back.
Apparently I had no idea,
but there's another
convention going on in town,
it's a little embarrassing.
Their just next door here
at the Convention Center
and we dropped by there and see if they
wouldn't mind holding it down a little bit
while we got the Pacey-Con thing going
and see if I can get
any of those Pacey heads
you know, onto the right side of things.
Security: You need to
have a pass to get in.
Joshua: Well, no I'm here for Pacey-Con.
Security: I don't know
what Pacey-Con is, I guess.
Joshua: You don't know what Pacey-Con is?
You don't recognize the
greatest television character
of all time.
Hey man, can you talk to these guys?
They don't know what Pacey-Con is.
Do you mind just straightening
out your boys here?
Security: Pacey-Con?
Joshua: Yeah, anyway. I got to run inside.
Security: Hey man, you got a pass?
Joshua: Of course I got a pass.
Buddy, I just want to
go in for one second.
Security: You can't.
Joshua: Come on, just for one second.
Security: No, calm down.
Joshua: Come on, it's right there.
What's one more? What
is Comic-Con all about?
It celebrates heroes.
Superman, Batman, Captain America, Pacey.
Pacey-Con can't be contained
within somebody else's convention.
He demands a convention of his own.
It has nothing to do with me.
It's the character. It's bigger than me.
♫ I don't wanna wait ♫
♫ For our lives to be over ♫
♫ I want to know right
now what will it be ♫
Joshua: Keep Pacey-Con alive!
♫ I don't wanna wait ♫
♫ For our lives to be over ♫
♫ Will it be yes or will it be sorry ♫
Joshua: These people always ask me
why do I do it?
I do it because Pacey Witter
is the greatest character
in television history, ever. Period.