Enviro-Tips from the driving force behind the environmentalist movement.

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Male Voices: Hey! Hey, hey,
hey, whoa, whoa!
Adam McKay: Don't throw that
on the ground.
John C. Reilly: That's garbage!
Will Ferrell: There's a place for that.
It's called the waste basket.
Woman: Who are you guys?
Adam McKay: We're the green team, and
we're here to help.
All: Green Team! Green Team!
Green Team!
All: Green Team!
Adam McKay: Hi! I'm Erin Gossamer for
the Green Team.
John C. Reilly: Jim Smegg for the
Green Team.
Will Ferrell: Hi. I'm Arnold Darkshner
for the Green Team.
Adam McKay: Remember to unplug your
cell phone charger when
Adam McKay: you're not using it.
John C. Reilly: Do you know that disposable
lighters are one of the
John C. Reilly: biggest plastic polluters
on the planet.
Will Ferrell: Turn out all the lights in
any rooms you're not using.
All: Green Team!
Adam McKay: Don't you know how much
plastic that wastes eating that?
Zone bar Male: (mumbling) No.
Adam McKay: Try going to your local
store and telling them you
Adam McKay: don't want your stuff
wrapped in plastic.
Adam McKay: You want it wrapped in
biodegradable napkins.
John C. Reilly: Buy a Zone Bar that's not
wrapped in a wrapper.
John C. Reilly: They sell them in bulk.
Will Ferrell: Do you have an ID or credit
card that the
Will Ferrell: Green Team could see?
Adam McKay: Here's another healthy tip.
Try wrapping your feces in
Adam McKay: tinfoil and saving it
in a cooler.
Adam McKay: Don't use plastic wrappers.
Do you understand me?
Zone bar Male: Yeah! I get it!
Will Ferrell: Do you understand?
Zone bar Male: Yeah, I get it.
John C. Reilly: Never again!
All: Green Team!
All: Green Team!
All: Green Team!
John C. Reilly: Reusable packaging,
ethanol, and day old bakery goods.
Will Ferrell: Solar, wind power
and knives.
Adam McKay: Biodegradable napkins,
batteries, and glass dildos.
(tire screeching)
Will Ferrell: Hey! Motherfucker!
John C. Reilly: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Male: Hey, what is going on?
Male: Ah!
Adam McKay: Green Team, asshole!
Will Ferrell: Just because it's a hybrid
doesn't mean it doesn't burn gas.
Male: Fuck!
John C. Reilly: Just because I'm an
environmentalist doesn't
John C. Reilly: mean I'm a sissy
Will Ferrell: Use your fucking brain!
Adam McKay: We've gotta get the fuck
out of here.
Adam McKay: I think he's dead.
Male: Fuck you Green Team!
One of the Green Team yells: I've got a murder
All: Green Team!
Adam McKay: Remember, when you're done
with a crime scene, always bleach.
Will Ferrell: Looking for something fun
to do with your friends?
Will Ferrell: Track coyotes. And when you
catch them, always
Will Ferrell: remember, they're a great
source of meat and protein.
John C. Reilly: Make love to Mother Earth.
John C. Reilly: Make a small hole in
the ground.
John C. Reilly: Fill it with a little bit
of water for lubrication
John C. Reilly: and go to town.
Just a thought.
All: Green Team! Green Team!
Green Team.
Will Ferrell: My mom keeps calling me and
asking me if I'm gay.
Will Ferrell: I don't think I'm gay.
All: Green Team!
John C. Reilly: (speaks a foreign language)
Adam McKay: Which do you think is
cooler, an orca whale
Adam McKay: fighting a great white
shark or a vampire having sex?
Adam McKay: We'll never know.
John C. Reilly: If you go into a bakery
and they sell day old items say,
"What the fuck is this
shit?" Just throw it out.
Will Ferrell: And a compost bin is a great
place to store a baby when
Will Ferrell: you're finished with them.
Adam McKay: Ahhh!
Will Ferrell: Hey sugar. Don't you know
smoking is not good for the environment?
Smoking Woman: Who are you guys?
Smoking Woman: Rape!
Smoking Woman: Rape!
All: Shhhhh. Green Team.
(hard rock music)
Adam McKay: Ah!
Green team.
All (Voiceover): Green Team.
Adam McKay: Here's a tip.
Shut your fucking mouth.