Exclusive sex scene from Rachel Bilson's upcoming film "Hearts of Palm"...Is that a body double?

Full Credits

Starring Rachel Bilson, Adam Scott and McG.
Written By Chris Henchy and Jake Szymanski
Directed by Jake Szymanski
DP: Christian Sprenger
Producer: Mike Farah
Sound: Bo Sundberg
Make Up: Shauna O'Toole
Production Designer: Colin Blake
AC: Zoe Van Brunt
Hair: Gregory Russell
Gaffer: Tony Lopez
Art Director: Rea Deslich
Special Thanks to Jeff Grosvenor

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[interposing crew voices]
McG: All right, clear the
audience. This is an
important scene.
McG: All right guys. It's the
emotional crux of the picture, okay?
McG: Adam you take your
shirt off.
McG: There's a beat and then,
Rachel, you take off yours.
McG: Then we simply do
the love scene.
Adam Scott: I'm fucking psyched.
I'm psyched.
Adam: This is gonna be
fucking awesome. I'm psyched.
Rachel Bilson: Can I talk to you
alone, for a sec?
McG: Hold on a second,
my man.
Rachel Bilson: I've decided I'm not
comfortable doing the nudity.
McG: What are you talking
about? It's an art film.
McG: At every point, an
actress does this.
Rachel Bilson: No.
McG: Goddammit Bilson.
I fucking hate your ass.
McG: All right, listen.
McG: I'm gonna make it work
with a body double. All right?
McG: I'll cut it together
tightly and elegantly.
Rachel Bilson: I'm going to ruin
the scene.
McG: I'm going to cut it
together very tastefully.
All right?
Rachel Bilson: Okay.
McG: Let's go. Let's shoot.
Everybody, here we go.
(music plays)
Adam Scott: Well, I guess I should
get going.
Rachel Bilson: You can't go back out
there. It's pouring.
Adam Scott: Well, so what should
I do?
Rachel Bilson: I don't want tonight
to end.
Adam Scott: You're incredible.
Adam Scott: Does that tickle?
Rachel Bilson: Yeah.
Adam Scott: Good.
Adam Scott: Boop.
Adam Scott: Boop.
Adam Scott: Is that a little scar?
Rachel Bilson: I used to have a navel
ring. Sometimes, It still hurts.
Adam Scott: I'm gonna make it
feel better.
Adam Scott: You drive me crazy.
Rachel Bilson: I want you.
Adam Scott: Take me.
Adam Scott: Oh yeah!
Adam Scott: Fuck!
Rachel Bilson: I'm going to go
fast now.
Adam Scott: Giddy up.
Adam Scott: Jesus fucking Christ.
Rachel Bilson: Isn't this fantastic?
(soft music is playing)
Rachel Bilson: Morning.
Adam Scott: Hey you.
Rachel Bilson: How do you like your eggs?
Adam Scott: Scrambled.
(soft music is still playing)