Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones present a solution to the global economic crisis.

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starring Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones. Makeup and Hair by Shauna O'Toole. Adorable puppies provided by

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October 18, 2008


Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones are shown in a close-up of thei
faces. The image is in black and white. They have very serious
expressions on their faces, as though they intend to discuss important

Natalie Portman: The global financial crisis is affecting all of us.

Rashida Jones: The panic on Wall Street has now reached Main Street.

Natalie Portman: There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer.

Rashida Jones: And the worst may be yet to come.

Natalie Portman: After careful consideration, Rashida and I have determined the best course of action.

Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones look at each other and shout at the same time.

Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones: Puppies!

They seem to fall backwards and the image cuts from black and white
into a very bright color image. They are lying on a bed with several
puppies. They puppies jump and play around them. Some of the puppies
wander and explore the bed. Portman and Jones hold and pet the puppies,
occasionally holding one up for display to the camera. They sit back up
and the image cuts from color and returns to a black and white close-up

Rashida Jones: So how about it, America?

Natalie Portman: Puppies.

The shot goes black and a lone puppy bark is heard.