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Save the Date / The Bris Rap
Yo Suckas!
Here's a day you don't want to miss
cause you all been invited to my very first Bris.

and for you Goyim, a Bris is an Invitation to See
a Mohel cut the Foreskin from a Baby's Wee Wee

That's right! They wanna cut my Weiner, but only the tip
They gonna get a Mohel to go snip snip snip

to my manhood
but it's all good

Hey I'm a Jewish baby and it's the Tradition
to cut off my Foreskin. It's called a Circumcision.

Yeah I'm a Baby, but I'm still packing down there
my diapers too small, I wear my daddy's underwea

so you better respect me or I'll put you in your place
and if you dis me, I'll just go Pee-Pee in your face.

Like I told you Suckers my diapers too tight.
I told the Mohel, OY! Your gonna need a bigger knife.

Yeah my weiners so big it made the Mohel cry
cause when I whipped it out it poked him right in the eye.
And did I mention that my weiner is big and weighs like a ton
The thing is so big the Mohel wants to raise his prices son.
Yeah It's cause he know's that he'll need a hand truck
just to carry away the tip of my schmuck

Yeah my schmuck is so big so step back Bitches
cause the Doctor says I'm gonna need a lot of stitches.
Now the anticipation is crazy. It's time. I'm ready and how.
but the Mohel made me nervous when he said " It won't be long now "
So I said " Hey wait, there's no rush. take your time "
because if you mess this up it will be a penile crime
and then I I told that Mohel he better do a good job
because I don't want a fucked up, weird ass looking knob
and If you screw it up I'll beat you with a ham
Yeah I know it ain't kosher, but that's my plan.
but the Mohel said " Hey don't worry. I've done this before "
but when he took that knife to my weiner, he looked unsure
and then he wheezed and sneezed and made apologies
because the mother fucker had some allergies
and Hell No! you know I wasn't pleased
when I finally looked down between my knees
because that bastard cut my dick and balls off and wrecked my world
and on that day the Mohel made this boy into a girl. :-(