The NRA is finally putting guns into the hands of those who need them most.

Full Credits

Starring- David Alan Grier, Deon Cole, Neal Brennan, Ron Funches and Sarah Silverman
Original Concept by Chris Henchy
Written by Emily Strachan and Dan Klein
Directed by Dan Klein, Alex Richanbach and Emily Strachan
Director of Photography- Brian Lane
Additional Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Sound - Christopher Bennet for BoTown Sound
Editor - Andy Maxwell
Producer - Sean Boyle


(xylophone music)
Sarah: Hi, I'm Sarah Silverman
and I support the NRA.
David: The NRA.
Ron: The NRA.
Deon: The NRA.
Sarah: The NRA considers itself America's
longest-standing civil
rights organization.
Deon: They say it's every American's right
to bear arms.
Neal: So they obviously
mean EVERY American, right?
David: That's why the NRA is launching
a new organization.
Deon: The Black NRA.
Sarah: Our fund will
put guns into the hands
of those that need them most.
Deon: Young black males.
David: Young black males.
Sarah: Young black males.
Ron: In an ideal world,
no one would need guns.
David: But if some people have them,
Deon: Then we ALL should have one.
Neal: Guys, I have OVER 20 black friends
and I intend to give them all guns.
David: Now that I have a gun, I feel safe
doing everyday normal things.
Deon: Like wearing a hoodie!
Ron: Eatin' Skittles!
David: Walking in the rain.
Deon: Or being in Florida!
Sarah: Thanks, NRA.
You taught me what realistic
peace is all about;
standing your ground,
pointing that gun at the bad guy
and having him point it right back
and going, "Hey, I guess we're not that
different after all."
Ron: So support The Black NRA and help us
arm every young black man in America ...
Then freedom will truly ring out.
Sarah: That's what you mean, right, NRA?
Neal: This "Stand Your Ground Law",
it's for EVERYBODY!
Deon: Let's shoot each other some love.
David: You don't have a
problem with this, do you?
Deon: Or ... just stop
shooting innocent people.
(fun music)