In an alternate universe run by household appliances, this is the blockbuster movie of the summer!


A great fan once told me:
You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself replaced by an air conditioner.
I send a chill down the spine of crime.
I oscillate in the face of danger.
I am the hero a hot day deserves.
I am… The Batfan.
Life wasn’t always a breeze.
My parents powered down when I was a child.
The memories… they haunt me to this day.
That show was fan-tastic, wasn’t it dear?
Quite right.
Stick ‘em up!
What’s going on Papa?
Everything’s OK Bruce. We’re just being mugged.
Just shut up and hand over the cash!
Ok, Ok. Just stay cool.
Don’t tell me what temperature to be!
Mamma! Papa! No!
Bruce. Bruce. Why do we fall Bruce?
Because someone pushed us over.
And just like that, I was an or-fan.
Powered by revenge, I trained to fight crime under the guidance of the great Ra’s al Ceiling Fan.
I shed the past.
Forged a new identitity
Left the lap of luxury and faced into the shadows to become…
The Batfan.
A gust of justice….
…blowing away the stench of crime…
…one mug at a time.
But this city is being singed by a new evil
Someone who just wants to see the world crumble and burn
He calls himself….
The Toaster.
Why so cereal?
When you’re gonna be toast!
I have a family
[Maniacal Laugh]