Pee-wee shows his new Apple iPad to the Playhouse Gang!

Full Credits

Written by Eric Appel, John Koch, Paul Reubens, Josh Meyers & Natalie Lent
Directed by: Eric Appel
Produced by: Chris Bruss and Mike Farah
DP: Christian Sprenger
Camera: Dustin Bowser
Sound: Bo Sundberg
Props: Katie Byron
Prod Coordinator: Sean Boyle
Lori Alan - voice of Chairry and Magic Screen
Josh Meyers - voice of Clocky and Conky
Lance Roberts - voice of Globey
Artie Esposito - Chairry
Haley Jenkins - Magic Screen
Patrick Johnson - Globey
Sean Johnson - Clocky
Victoria Johnson - Magic Screen
Russ Walko - Conky
Special thanks: Kelly Bush, John Koch, Natalie Lent, Kristina Sorensen, Joe Witt

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January 28, 2010


The video opens with Pee Wee Herman, played by Paul Reubens, entering
the set of Pee Wee's Playhouse. He is carrying an iPad. He sits down in a
talking chair, voice by Lori Alan.

Lori Alan: What's that thing you have, Pee Wee?

Paul Reubens: Ha, ha, oh my abstinence ring. Ha, ha.

Lori Alan: No, in your other hand.

Paul Reubens: Oh, this things. Ha, ha. It's my new iPad.

A puppet robot, voiced by Josh Meyers, begins moving around.

Josh Meyers: What's an iPad?

A glittery screen, voiced by Lori Alan, pipes up.

Lori Alan: The iPad is Apples latest revolutionary device. The consensus
on the internet is that it's name closely resembles a popular brand of
sanitary napkins.

Josh Meyers (robot): What's a sanitary napkin?

Paul Reubens: Duh, Conky, it's a napkin that's super clean.

A puppet clock on the wall, voiced by Josh Meyers, pipes up.

Josh Meyers (clock): I thought it was a tampon.

A puppet globe, voiced by Lance Roberts, chimes in.

Lance Roberts (globe): Tampa is over here.

The globe moves.

Josh Meyers (robot): It looks like a giant iPhone to me.

Paul Reubens: But, Conky, it's so much more. I can use the iPad to read
books. Ha, ha.

Josh Meyer (clock): But Magic Screen can read books out loud for free.

Lori Alan (screen): I am Sam. Sam I am. I will not eat green eggs and

Paul Reubens: Alright. I get it Magic Screen, but this little baby has
got Google Maps and music.

Lori Alan (screen): But the iPad doesn't allow you to run two programs
at once.

Lance Roberts (globe): But I can play you music and show you maps at the
same time. Aruba, that's over here (globe turns), Jamaica, that's over
here (globe turns), ooh, I want to take ya. Bermuda, that's over here
(globe turns), Bahama...

Paul Reubens: Globey, you're ruining this whole experience for me. Right
now, there's only fifty of these babies in the United States and Steve
Jobs just gave me this one, personally.

John Meyers (robot): How did you get him to give you one, Pee Wee?

Paul Reubens: That's none of your business, ha, ha. I don't have time to
discuss it right now, Conky. Everyone in Puppetland is due over here
any minute to see me use this.

The shot crossfades to show Paul Reubens holding glasses on the iPad.
Paul Reubens offers the puppets a drink.

Paul Reubens: Milk. Milk. Lemonade.

Lori Alan (chair): Nice tray, Pee Wee.

Paul Reubens: Oh thanks, Chairry. Steve Jobs gave it to me. Ha, ha. I'll
be right there everyone.

Paul Reubens walks out of the shot, carrying the drinks on the iPad. The
shot crossfades to just the talking globe.

Lance Roberts: We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow. That's
where we wanna go. Way down to Kokomo. That's over here. (globe turns)

The shot cuts to black.