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Full Credits

Starring: Ke$ha
Also featuring: Joe Wengert, Mike Leffingwel and Nick Mandernach
Writer/Director: Alex Fernie
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Produced by: Allison Hord and Betsy Koch
Director of Photography: Kris Carrillo
Edited by: Ian Skalski
Assistant Director: Matt Mazany
Production Designer: Caity Birmingham
Sound: BoTown Sound
Ke$ha Makeup: Sarai Fiszel
Ke$ha Hair: Ramsell Martinez
Makeup: Kat Bardot
Wardrobe: Diane Herlofsky
Camera Operator/DIT: Jordon Lee
G&E: Will Barker and Russell Bell
Production Assistants: Andrew Grissom, Alister Walford, Elliot Dickerhoff, Liam White

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Announcer: At the young age of 23, Ke$ha has recorded a number one album, several top ten singles, and brought record profits to the glitter and whiskey industry, but she wasn’t always the pop star we now know.
Ke$ha: I used to just be Kesha, with an s instead of a dollar sign, and then one year I had my birthday party at Shakey’s Pizza.
Ke$ha: I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to talk about.
Announcer: It’s okay. Go on.
Ke$ha: And, on the sign, the big sign where they write happy birthday, they replaced the s with a dollar sign.
Announcer: And that one word sent her on a downward spiral to success and fame.
Joe Wengert: Yeah, I remember that day. We had a special going on sausage, salami and sun dried tomatoes pizza, so we were just all out of S’s. We’re not made of S’s. We did just get a couple of those, we got backwards R’s. We’ve never had those before. I can’t wait to use them.
Ke$ha: It ruined my life. I wanted to be a CPA, but do you know who H and R Block doesn’t hire? People with dollar signs in their name. I pretty much had to be a pop star.
Announcer: For the last ten years, Ke$ha’s life has been affected by that one fateful birthday at Shakey’s.
Nick Mandernach: Hey, Ke dollar sign ha!
Ke$ha: Souvenir shops never have keychains with my name on it. People think I cost ha dollars and I have to press shift twice when typing my name. All because of a fucking pizza place.
Mike Leffingwel: Unfortunately, there’s nothing she can do. Anything written in print on a Shakey’s Pizza sign is legally binding. It’s in the Constitution.
Ke$ha: I just, I just want my life back.
Announcer: What if I told you that we found that same Shakey’s Pizza and told them it was your birthday.
Ke$ha: Really? Do you mean?
Announcer: That’s right. You’re nightmare is over. Come on. There’s a car waiting outside.
Ke$ha: The moment I’ve been waiting for.
Joe Wengert: We have an artichoke and anchovy pizza today, so we ran out of A’s. Sorry.
Ke$ha: Fuck you!
Joe Wengert: It’s good, if you want to try some.