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March 24, 2015


> Hey guys, who's hungry for some outside lands, the San Francisco beat?

> (Kids):
What's Outside Lands?

> It's a music festival in San Francisco featuring tons of
great bands. It's also whats for dinner.
Hey, who's thirsty? Want some juice?

> I'll only have juice if Hot Chip and St. Vincent are playing at the show.

> Well today's your lucky day.
Oh, and also this.

> (Kids): Whoa, Mumford and Sons too?

> Why don't you guys go play.
Oh by the way, DJ Mustard will be there too.

> Howdy neighbor.

> Hey.

> Did you hear the news? Kendrick Lamar is playing at Outside lands.

> Yes, I heard just now, from you. Also I heard D'angelo and Sam Smith are playing.

> That's great information to hear. You're a Billy Idol fan right?

> But of course, but why are those words coming out of your mouth?

> Because he's playing.
(they pleasantly laughs)

> Well, I'm going to go lie down now.

> You're my only friend.

> Hey kids. Found out that Slightly Stoopid and The Devil Makes Three
are playing Outside Lands.

> Why do you and mom keep talking about Outside Lands?

> Because we're going as a family August 7 through 9th at Golden Gate Park.
You'll love it.

> I'm Aldon Smith, pro football, man. Buy my new cassette, Aldon Smith Love Jams.
Featuring bands playing at the Outside Lands...
for love.

> Alright guys before we get into it, you got any music suggestions?

> The Family Crest.

> Caribou.

> James Bay.

> St. Paul and the Broken Bones.

> Sounds like you guys are just naming bands that are playing at the Outside Lands.

> Yes!
(door bell rings)

> Hi,
one of you guys RL Grime?
They ordered this pizza.

> No, he must've ordered it to the Outside Lands stage, where he's playing,
in San Francisco.

> Yeah, you probably right. I heard Mac Demarco playing there too.

> That's great news.

> Sure is.

> You're a great pizza guy.

> Kids dinner.

> (Male Voiceover):
Outside Lands with
wholesome ingredients, it makes for a deliciously fun time.
August 7th through 9th at Golden Gate park.

> And for desert we're having Elton John cake.

> (Kids): Yay!

> Cake.

> Because he's playing at the festival.
Black Keys too.