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Noëlle Lara: What do you think is the
best part of online dating?
You get to play on your phone.
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[Child's Voice]: A little advice.
Noëlle Lara: Is this crazy to you that adults do this?
Kind of. Like, you have to look online
at pictures of someone to think, "Ooh, okay."
Here's a tip.
If they ever say do you want to meet at
like a Starbucks or something always say no.
Noëlle Lara: I think Starbucks is the best place to meet.
Not Starbucks in general, no,
because like what if that's like a fake picture,
and he's like, "I'm gonna like kill you."
Noëlle Lara: That's really a hot tip. Thank you.
Noëlle Lara: You like Matt?
Noëlle Lara: First picture. We liked Matt.
-We're a match.
Noëlle Lara: What do I say? How are you?
Um, yeah. You can do the same thing,
and see which one replies first,
and maybe that one will be one of--
Noëlle Lara: That's smart. How are you?
Noëlle Lara: Ryan. He's a CEO.
CEO. That's a restaurant.
Noëlle Lara: Joe. He's a CEO.
Noëlle Lara: Do you know what a CEO is?
I think it's like the manager of a building.
Noëlle Lara: Mike is also a CEO.
Noëlle Lara: Everyone who says they're a
CEO 'cause that makes you look...
Noëlle Lara: Farzin.
-I'm excited for your comment on this one.
Um, he has like a big [inaudible] right there--
---Which makes me want him.
-How's this guy?
-How's that guy?
-How's that guy?
Wait... Was that?
Noëlle Lara: We liked each other.
You just connected us.
Noëlle Lara: What should I say to him?
Uh... just like...
-What's up?
-What's up?
Ryan. Okay. Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going.
He has a lot of selfies. Keep going.
Noëlle Lara: A lot of selfies. Exactly.
Selfie people are bad.
-I agree. No thanks.
-No thanks.
Noëlle Lara: I got some responses
from the last ones.
Noëlle Lara: Sam, who I said, "Hi," to,
he said, "You're coming on a little strong."
Noëlle Lara: Guy, who I said, "How are you," he said, "I'm good. How's your weekend going?"
Noëlle Lara: Pretty good.
Noëlle Lara: Right?
-We're a match!
-Oh cool.
-We keep getting matches!
-I know. It's awesome!
We're a good team. [chuckles]
♪ ♪