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Fuck is my favorite fuckin' word. You can use it as a noun you can use it as a verb...
Published October 07, 2009 720 views More Info ยป
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Additional Credits:
directed by shivering38
Words and Music by Vurp
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Published October 07, 2009
Fuck is my favorite fucking word, you can use it as a noun you can use it as a verb.
Fuck you, fuck me, fuck yeah!
Fuckin' shit, fuckin' A, fuck it.
If you don't believe it's versatility, I'll move it around in a sentence so you can see.
I hate my job.
Fuck I hate my job
I fuckin' hate my job
I hate fuck my job
I hate my fuckin' job
I hate my job fuck
So as you can fuckin' see, fuck rocks, fuckin' clearly
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