A couple opens up the Republican Health Care Bill to finally see what's actually inside.

Full Credits

Heidi Gardner - Katie
Eliot Schwartz - Dave
Taylor Bassett - Dan
Linda Rich - Jan
Party Guests - Laura Lee Walsh, Michelle Molbegott, Ian Schwartz, Kate Lilly, Joaquin Poropat
Michael Burke - Writer / Director / Editor
Nathan Cornett - Director of Photography
Ashley Swanson - Production Designer / Special Effects
Yoli Poropat - Production Manager
Forrest Wheeler - Production Assistant
Ioana Vasile - Camera Operator
Allan De Leon - Camera Assistant
Killian DeLuke - Set Dresser
Harold Osorio - Set Dresser
Jordy Scheinberg - Wardrobe Stylist
Alexandra Izdebski - Wardrobe Assistant
Emily Mefford - Hair and Make Up
Chris Bennett / BoTown Sound - Sound Mixing

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(upbeat music)
- I know some couples like to find out right away,
but we loved the idea of it being a surprise.
- Plus, she loves entertaining.
- Guilty!
Any excuse to have friends and family over to the house.
- Hello!
- She is, right?
- The suspense is just--
- It's killing you, imagine us, I know.
- Yeah.
- You know at the end of the day it is about the reveal.
That moment when we cut into the cake
and we see what's inside.
- I personally love how the Senate Republicans
have kept the bill a secret.
Just like this big game we're all playing
that just so happens to effect my entire life.
- Hey!
- Oh, I know, I know.
It's not just me.
Dave here has cancer.
- (laughs) Big time!
- Yeah.
- You know, so knowing what's in the bill
is really important for our future.
But do I really need to know before it becomes a law
or is it kind of a fun surprise
that we're all gonna find out together, you know?
- Yeah.
Oh, honey, what are you hoping for?
- Hmm, I guess I'm hoping that
I still have insurance that covers my cancer treatments.
Oh, and her pregnancy!
- Oh, yeah!
That'd be nice.
- Yeah, it would be nice.
- But we'll see.
- We'll see.
- Yeah.
- There's my little girl!
- Hi!
- You look wonderful.
- Thank you!
- Doesn't she look great, Mama?
- Oh my god, you look more beautiful than ever.
- We just came all the way in from Branson.
- We're both on Medicaid and live off our pensions, so...
- We're just giddy to open up that cake
and see what we get.
Especially with your blood pressure.
- Daddy?
Oh my god, Daddy!
- [Dave] What's happening?
- Daddy!
- [Katie] He's having a heart attack!
- Okay, don't panic, I'm gonna call an ambulance
while you're in real pain.
- No, don't, don't!
- No?
- Let's just wait a few minutes.
Open the cake and see what's in it.
- Mom!
- I live off a pension, goddammit!
I need to know what the fuck is in that cake!
- Oh my...
(dramatic music)
- Okay, everyone, it's time for the big moment.
- [Dave] Okay, guys.
- [Katie] All right.
- [Dave] Ready?
- [Katie] Yeah.
- [Dave] One.
- [Both] Two...
- Oh my...
Oh my god.
Oh, it's...
Katie, it's shit.
- [Katie] What?
- It's shit!
There's shit in the cake.
- It's shit?
Why is there shit in the cake?
- I don't know why there's shit in the cake!
Push it in, Katie, there's shit going everywhere!
Did you know about this?
(flatulent noise)
Oh, ugh!
Katie, kill it!
- Stop it!
- Kill it!
- It's a little bitty cake and a lot of shit!
- Oh!
- Oh god, ew!