All hell breaks loose after Joy (Courtney Pauroso) accidentally consumes tequila.... more »

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-Ready? Are you filming?
-Can you see the [inaudible]?
-Oh yeah.
Alright, check it out you guys.
Ready, ready?
Here we go. Here we go.
I see.
Pretty cool.
["Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift
is playing in the background]
Alright, who's next?
-Mm-mm. Not me.
-Oh come on. Have one.
Mm-mm, I can't.
Tequila makes me crazy.
You know that's bullshit right?
When people say that...
Tequila is just alcohol.
[Joy]: Mm-mm.
I swear to God tequila makes me nuts.
Well then, stay away
from those cookies.
I added a shot of
tequila to the batter.
-Wait, really?
-Yeah. It gives them a kick.
You have to tie me up.
You have to...
You have to tie me up.
Tie me up now!
I'm serious! Tie me up!
-Are you okay?
-Better to stay away from her.
Oh no, it's too late.
I'm sorry. It's the tequila.
♪ ♪
-[music climaxes]
Yeah you guys! Let's party!
-[glass breaks]
Holy shit!
-Let's make out.
-Go away!
-Tie her down.
Tie her down.
-Grab the cord!
-I got it!
Guys I just can't take it...
Looks so skinny to me.
[indistinct talking]
-What the hell is going on?
I've seen this before.
It's the tequila.
We just have to stop her
before she gets any worse.
-Red wine.
-What? You want to give her more booze?
Trust me. If we give her
red wine and put on Adelle
she'll just cry herself to sleep.
-Okay, I don't have red wine.
-Well, what do we have?
-Whiskey will make her belligerent.
-We got rum.
-No, rum will just make her horny.
-What about beer?
-No, beer will just bloat her.
So, rum then?
Guys-guys-guys, it's me.
I know what I need.
I'll talk to her.
I'm her boyfriend.
You're not her...
You were on two dates.
Joy, what do you need?
More... more tequila.
No, I know it's counter intuitive, but
if I just had a lot of
tequila I'll just pass out.
Hey, does this make sense?
-It checks out.
Okay, here we go.
Give it to me.
Give it to me sexy bitch.
it's a trick.
[growls, screams]
-[glass breaks]
-[screaming continues]
-[glass breaks]
My heads bleeding!
-Whoo! All night karaoke!
-[dog barking in a distance]
Whoo! Whoo!
["Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift is still playing]
Well, she's your girlfriend.
♪ ♪