Lindsey Graham may have changed his mind, but plenty of people in South Carolina want to keep the Confederate flag right where it is. more »

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June 24, 2015


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> Hello, I'm Lindsey Graham, senator from South Carolina, and a candidate
in the 2016 presidential election.
Last week I defended my
states right to fly our confederate flag over our state house.
It's part of who we are, I said, and it works here.
Then I changed my stance, because I'm what some people
might call a weasel.
In a recent poll, many South Carolinians said they think
the confederate flag should still fly.
Let's meet some of these fine citizens from our great palmetto state,
and see if the flag still works for them.

> The Confederate flag? Of course it should stay.

> I love the Stars and Bars. You need to let it fly.

> Confederate flag? It's good by me.

> I'm a Civil War reeanactor, and I salute the Confederate flag.
The South will rise again.

> No, it doesn't work for me.

> Yeah, I support it. It's not a racial
thing though.

> Oh, it's a racial thing. It's a symbol of slavery--

> I like it.

> That's right, it's about heritage, not hate.

> My heritage is that my ancestors got enslaved--

> If you want me to think my grandaddy and my granddaddy's, grandaddy
are monsters, well I don't.

> I don't got a problem with it.

> The only people that don't have a problem with it are skinheads,
the KKK, Civil War reeanactors, straight up racists,
and almost every Republican presidential candidate.

> Well, Georgia has it on their license plates, and
heck fire, it flies over every diner in Tennessee. So at least we're
talking about it in South Carolina. Any-who, I'm Lindsey Graham. I'm
still weasel, and I'm still running for President.
Can we get rid of this? It's going to be a problem.