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> (Male Voiceover):
The nation is once again in the grip
of March Madness, and as college hoops teams face off against each
other friends and co-workers pick their favorite teams, and face
off against each other too. Let's see how they are doing.
How fucked is your bracket?

> I tried to go to the website, but they were out of PDFs.

> My bracket is uh, fucked harder than a dolphin at a...I'm totally not fucking.
Can I give my answer again?

> Mine's great. I'm the maddess at my office.

> Oh no dude, my bracket is going well, trust me, trust me...
Ah fuck. I'm so fucked. Never mind I'm fucked.

> I don't even know. My dog ate my bracket,
and then I lost them on a tanker ship and it's in the Bermuda Triangle.

> Well I don't watch the madness. It's kind of fucked up you don't ask
about the women, but my woman's bracket is pretty fucked up right now.
It's got me screwed up.

> That's not the first time I've been fucked by a bunch of
college basketball teams, if you know what I mean.

> You know what was a big upset, Sandy Hook. Lets get our priorities straight.

> This year I've decided to fill in all the winners as we go along, and
I've only missed two so far.

> It's real fucked man...came on the last sucker.

> My bracket hasn't walked straight since Thursday.

> Way fucked. Wouldn't you say so dear?

> Yes, C for fucked.

> I fucked your bracket.

> Well I had Villanova going all the way, so my bracket has been made
love to real sweetly.

> My bracket is fucked worse than the sinners will be when the rapture
comes. Jesus loves you...

> Get the fuck out of here.

> What do you mean?

> Fucking unbelievable. Fucking arrogant shit.
I'm John Harris for Funny or Die news, and my bracket was fucked
ways from Tuesday before the tournament even started.
I accidentally filled in a bunch of cereal brands instead of college
hoop teams...hoops teams...shit, sorry.