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Full Credits

Starring - Alex Scordelis and Veronica Osorio
Written by Alex Scordelis
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Edited by Brad Schulz and Marty Cramer
Produced by Sean Boyle
Featuring Kate Bolduan, Michael Steele, Clay Aiken, Anderson Cooper, David Axelrod, Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham, Rick Santorum, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.


Hey, I'm Alex.
And I'm Veronica, and we're here
at the Reagan Presidential Library.
For the 2nd Republican debate.
This is our very first debate,
and we're very
excited - we're kind of nervous.
We don't know what
to ask. What would you ask
the candidates if you had
the opportunity?
You of course want to know,
what were your highlights,
and did you win.
- Did you win?
- Yeah.
Are you getting that down there?
I'm getting all of this.
We're probably going to copy
your questions if we get
the opportunity to ask them.
Is that okay?
Is that allowed?
Is that...?
I was wondering if you had
any questions prepared for
the candidates.
Yes, as a matter of fact I do.
I've got a nice little
list of questions here that I want
to talk about tonight.
Yeah, absolutely.
You mind if I take a look at those?
Sure, yeah. I'll share those
with you.
- Thanks. Thank you.
- Where are you going?
President Reagan, as a
Latino woman who is left
handed what should I ask?
Other than me, how many Claymates
have you seen here tonight?
Clay Aiken: Oh, it's full of them.
The stage tonight is
full of Claymates.
I am excited to announce that
I am very close to Anderson
Cooper. I'm going to get as
close as I can, and this
might be a highlight of this
whole thing - this whole debate.
So, walking backwards, and...
Getting so close. That's it?
This is as close as I can get.
Got a good look at the pit.
Can a 5 foot Latino woman ask a
question in this country?
Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.
Mr. Trump, as a Latino woman
where would you send me?
What's that?
As an immigrant sir, should
I pick tomatoes or apples?
Ben Carson: I don't understand the question.
We have debate winner medals,
and we're trying to find
out who we should give it to tonight.
I think they should all get
the debate winner medals,
because if anybody can stand
on a stage for 3 hours
without running several times
to the restroom deserves...
They've shown an iron Constitution.
Hi, I just want to say that
you're the debate winner.
Mike Huckabee: Oh, thank you.
Always wanted to be one.
Okay, cool.
What do you think I should do
with my ovaries?
Do you like truffle butter?
Do you like truffle butter?
Rick Santorum: You know, hopefully I differentiated myself...
What a night here at the
Reagan Presidential
Library, huh?
Yeah, just think Veronica, one day
soon Donald Trump's
portrait will hang along side
Richard Nixon's.
Are you excited about the next debate?
Oh, they're not letting us come back.