Dick is a stand up guy. Give Dick a warm hand!At 15, Dick Satori decided to run... more »
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?Thru good decisions & bad decisions, good luck, bad luck, & especially dumb luck, turns of fate & turns of phrase, & some good old American righteous indignation, Dick Satori has appeared at a variety of comedy venues thru out the USA, Cananda, and England as a guest or a host. He has been seen at Kentucky's Comedy Caravan, North Carolina's Good Nights Comedy Club, New York Cities Comedy Village, Virginia Beach's FunnyBone, Laugh Out Lounge, and Night of the Iguana. He was interviewed by Matt Tiabi on Pollitically Incorect with Bill Maher as the founder and spokes person of Cowboys Opposed to War (COW) and Cowboys for Barack; currently Cowboys Opposed to Drones (COD).
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