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A group of high school virgins must deal with a mysterious pact of female zombies... more »
Published May 12, 2010 110k views Immortal More Info »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written by Family Sandwich
Directed by Eric Lombart
Produced by Whitney Kieser
Associate Producer: Jason Farrand
Director of Photography: Paolo Cascio
Starring: Eric Lombart, Heidi Gardner, Melissa Hunter, Brad Gage, Whitney Kieser, Kelly Murtagh, Kirstin Keagy and Jake Essoe
With Matt Leddy, Julia Melim, Eric Levine, Emily Franecki, Adam Humenansky, Carshenah W. Jefferson, Max Landis, Megan Rosati, Johanna Igel, Dana Flax, Jennifer Cron, Briana Lane, Riley Cronin, Andy Staggs, Kim Wood, Erica Durgin, Nate Cormier and Alex Laprade
Editor: Brad Gage
AD: Alana Katzner
Makeup: Robin Fuqua
Sound: Matt McGowin
Camera Operators: Willie Tipp, Rohan Chitrakar
Key Grip: Marqus Porter
Music: Zombie Hoodoo and Zombie Chase by Kevin MacLeod (
PP Party by Eric Lombart and Jake Essoe
Voiceover: Eric Levine
Special Thanks: Brian Bellinkoff, Matthew Leddy, Witzend and Carly Rhodes
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Published: May 12, 2010