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This video is the result. It's not your usual "big production" video. It's all hand-made. Originally I wanted more eye candy and location shots, but after recording the initial "Band of Bob's" we decided they would be the stars of the video and the little bits of eye candy are there just for comedy support. All the footage was shot with Sony PD170's running in DVCAM mode. The blue screen work was done here in the studio's small set. The video was edited completely within Sony's Vegas NLE. All effects were accomplished using Vegas and/or Photoshop. The original storyboard and all graphic artwork was created by Ron Miller with the exception of the chainsaw which was a photo/drawing of the original model used in the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Animated backgrounds are from Digital Juice DVD libraries.
If this video just gives you a moment of levity then it's done it's job.

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October 25, 2010