Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in this fourth installment of literal videos, Billy Id...
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Lyrics/Singing: Dustin McLean
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Published February 25, 2009

[Music Playing]

Dustin McLean: Hey look at me I wrapped up my head.

Dustin McLean: Here's how I slowly get it all undone.

Dustin McLean: Big candelabra. I am shirtless now. 'Cept for my necklace and a leather glove. Hey do you smell my bad breath?

Dustin McLean: He's a doctor who can raise the dead.

Dustin McLean: It's a good time for my cool glove.

Dustin McLean: If you stay here I will check you out.

Dustin McLean: Open the doors and let the fog in.

Dustin McLean: Here comes the bride, but who's the other one?

Background Singers: Other one, other one, other one, other one.

Dustin McLean: Some of my friends are Gothic.

Background Singers: Gothic.

Dustin McLean: Some of my friends are New Wave.

Background Singers: New Wave.

Dustin McLean: Some of my friends are Straight Edge. I'm gonna cut you with the wedding ring.

Dustin McLean: Come on, it's a nice touch for a Goth wedding.

Dustin McLean: And my hair needs to be bleached again!

[Glass Shattering]

[Music Playing]

[Glass Shattering]

[Music Playing]

Dustin McLean: Grab the butt.

Dustin McLean: Standin' by candles.

Dustin McLean: She will dance inside the kitchen, baby.

Dustin McLean: There is nothing safe in this room.

Dustin McLean: And the sink is also not working. And there's stuff blowing up everywhere. 'Cause there's something wrong with this room.

Dustin McLean: Pirouette!

Dustin McLean: Come on, she's a white bride in a Goth wedding.

Dustin McLean: Woo! Now I'll tap my foot in leather pants!

Dustin McLean: Now it is time to go outside!

Dustin McLean: Now it's...

[Music Playing]


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