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September 19, 2016


This worlds a jungle
I wake up all alone just me and the struggle - on me like a muzzle
and I never know how to fit in, never know where this day ends or where it begins, man
There’s theres so much strife in my life
trying to be a light and a guide
to everybody, so that they know the light
the real meaning of life and love that God provides
Man, there’s so much pain in this world
too much insane in this world
I wish that I could rap it in a tight ball
and throw it out of here y’all

Yea yea yea
God provides, God provides
Christ be my light
Love be, be my guide
Be all that I need to survive
Yea yea yea

Gotta clear my head so I go to my car,
take a little drive, but I don't get fa
I see this dude, who’s looking at me rude
Staring at me with a bad attitude
No time to change his heart, no time to reason
I pull out my gat and say "fuck you bitch"
Justice Rhymes right on time
to teach him a holy lesson from the book of Thessalonians
I put on my grimace — so he knows that I’m serious
and guess what just like that, turns out this motherfucker's strapped
we start shootin, bullet pollution,
I never seen a man die
like such a little bitch

Jesus Christ be our light, be our guide
Be all that we need to survive
Christ, the light

I get out my car look at his body,
blood everywhere, man this shit is my hobby
fuck this guy I’m glad he’s dead,
his brains and blood all over my hands
I grab his wallet, see whats inside,
it’s a photo of his family, haha dope
I don’t care fuck this guy,
fuck his family I hope they cry

Lord of light, God above show them the way
Show them the peace and the love.

The moral of this fuckin story,
is if you don’t wanna lose your life,
don’t fuck with Justice Rhymes