In 1996 Lunchablez developed an ad to appeal towards urban youth. The commercial never saw the light of day, until now...
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Additional Credits:
Download the track here: Mike Diva feat. Josh Harraway, Diz, and Derrick Oliver- Lunchables (ham and cheese).
Directed and edited by: Mike Diva
produced by: Derrick Oliver
DP: Jan Michael Losada
Gaffer: Christian Alexander
Concept by: Derrick Oliver and Mike Diva
Assistant: Anthony Cincotta
2nd unit camera: andrew mason, johnny ekholdt
Christian Alexander
Ashley Dawson
Trisha figueroa
special thanks to Sonia Castaneda
Starring: Josh Harraway
Cole Mgcowan
Derrick Oliver
Song by Mike Diva
feat. Josh Harraway, Cole Mgcowan, and Derrick Oliver.
Master of the Universe: John Darko
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Published: August 04, 2011