Zac Efron and Robert De Niro from the movie 'Dirty Grandpa' discuss how to breathe new life into the iconic films of De Niro's career.

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Staring - Zac Efron and Robert De Niro
Written by Jon Millstein
Directed by Leslye Headland
Director of Photography - Paul Rondeau
Camera Op - Brian Wengrofsky
1st Assistant Camera - Donavon De Cesare
Gaffer - Sean Li
Key Grip - Min Yip
Art Director - Kimberly Fischer
Art PA - Tara Gonzalez
Hair and Make Up Artist - Raquel Vivve
Sound Mixer - Kevin Kniowski
Production Assistants - Matt Scheffler & Charlie Alberto
Edited by Tom Levin
Produced by Sean Boyle & Christopher Werner
Special Thanks - Michael Simkin

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January 21, 2016


Zac Efron: I'm here with my
Dirty Grandpa co-star,
Zac Efron: Mr. Robert De Niro.
Zac Efron: Now Bob, over your career you
have made so many great films.
Zac Efron: I am probably not the
only one that thinks,
Zac Efron: it's time for
a reboot.
Robert De Niro: I don't want to
do a remake.
Zac Efron: Taxi Driver for instance.
You play an unstable
Zac Efron: taxi driver named
Travis Bickle.
Zac Efron: In,
Zac Efron: Uber Driver, I will
play Tucker Bickle.
Zac Efron: By now he's an Uber Driver.
That's a reboot.
Zac Efron: Like, "You Snapchatting me?"
Robert De Niro: So, let's just boot
this out of the...
Robert De Niro: Oh man, this is
even worse.
Zac Efron: Oh no, this is
even better.
Zac Efron: I'm actually happy you pulled that.
It's The King of Vine Comedy.
Zac Efron: Now this takes your mediation
on celebrity worship,
Zac Efron: The King of Comedy, and
literally cuts it down to
Zac Efron: 7 seconds, and then it plays over,
and over, and over again.
Robert De Niro: How can you tell a
story in 7 seconds?
Zac Efron: Well I mean, you know,
it's not that complicated
Zac Efron: of a story to
be honest.
Robert De Niro: Not interested.
Zac Efron: Dude, I got a
ton more.
Zac Efron: E-Meet the Parents.
Zac Efron: You know how when you meet
someone's parents sometimes, or you
Zac Efron: meet someone over an email,
you say "It's nice to e-meet you."
Robert De Niro: I never saw that.
Zac Efron: You never say nice
to e-meet you?
Robert De Niro: No.
Zac Efron: Do you have email?
Robert De Niro: I don't know. I can ask somebody
who works for me.
Zac Efron: The Vegan Deer Hunter.
Robert De Niro: I don't like it.
Zac Efron: At all? You see what
I did there?
Robert De Niro: I see what you did.
I don't like it.
Zac Efron: Meet the Helicopter Parents.
Robert De Niro: You have two
Meet the Parents reboots.
Zac Efron: Oh, my God.
Robert De Niro: I don't know. Why don't we
just get on with our lives?
Zac Efron: Breathe it in.
[Funny or Die ending jingle]