Scene Work. James Franco and his brother Dave do a scene from "Rebel Without a Cause."
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Produced by Judd Apatow, Andrew Epstein, and Cohen/O'Brien. Directed by Andrew Jay Cohen Written by Brendan O'Brien & Andrew Jay Cohen. Edited by Ryan Case. Special Thanks: Jake Szymanski, Vince Jolivette, and Kate Pulley.
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James Franco: Now we are going to recreate a scene from one of my favorite movies: Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean and Sal Mineo.
James Dean: We were coming right back. I told you.
Sal Mineo: You sure?
James Dean: Sure, I’m sure.
James Dean: Are you cold? It’s warm. Here, my jacket.
James Dean: Hey, now can I have the gun, Plato?
James Franco: Somebody’s got to say action.
Dave Franco: Action.
James Franco: No, you can’t say action.
Dave Franco: Why not?
James Franco: You’re not the director. You’re an actor.
Dave Franco: Okay.
James Franco: So, somebody else has to say it.
Dave Franco: Okay.
Director: Action.
Dave Franco: Why did you run out on me?
James Franco: We didn’t run out on you. We were coming right back. I told you.
Dave Franco: You sure?
James Franco: Sure, I’m sure.
James Franco: You cold? Here, take my jacket. Here.
Dave Franco: Can I keep it?
James Franco: What do you think? Here.
James Franco: You’ve have to sniff it. Like rub it against your face.
Dave Franco: You want me to rub the jacket against my face.
James Franco: Yeah, that’s what he did.
Dave Franco: I’m not gonna rub the jacket against my face.
James Franco: Just rub the jacket against your face and smell it.
Dave Franco: Why would I want to smell the jacket and rub it against my face?
James Franco: Because that’s what he did, because he’s in love with James Dean.
Dave Franco: That’s, I mean, it’s typical, man. You give me the worst character, again, and you get to be James Dean, of course. Of course, you get to be James Dean.
James Franco: Of course, of course, I get to be James Dean. Who else is going to be James Dean?
Dave Franco: If you’re such a good actor, you can play him and I’ll play James Dean.
James Franco: You can’t play James Dean. I’m James Dean. Actors sniff jackets.
Dave Franco: Okay.
James Franco: Actors, act. Actors sniff jackets if they need to sniff jackets. Marlon Brando sniffed jackets.
Dave Franco: Okay.
James Franco: He sniffed pants.
Dave Franco: Oh.
James Franco: He did.
Dave Franco: Okay!
James Franco: You’re in Rebel Without a Cause, what’s your cause? Not sniffing jackets?
James Franco: Sniff it.
Dave Franco: You sniff it.
James Franco: You sniff it.
Dave Franco: No.
James Franco: Just what I thought.
Dave Franco: Okay.
James Franco: You don’t know how to act.