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Love yourself before you can love others.
Published August 23, 2011 4m views Immortal More Info »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Dave Franco
Writers: Andy Goodman & Dave Franco
Director: Brian Mcginn & Rod Blackhurst
Cinematographer: Rod Blackhurst
Produced by: Allison Hord
Edited by: Rod Blackhurst & Brian Mcginn Visual FX: Dustin Bowser
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
PA: Taylor Robinson, Alistair Walford
Set Supervisor: Christin Trogan
Sound: BoTown Sound
AC: Michael Bosman
M/U: Kat Bardot
Grip: Jordan Downey
Featuring: Ramsey Krull and Talia Tabin
Bar Patrons: Hank Tarlow, Craig Chen, Darci Borelli
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11,608 Die Votes
Published: August 23, 2011

Voiceover: Exclusive.
(arguing is heard in the background)
Girl: I'm so over this!
Dave Franco: didn't listen to one thing
I said. Just hear me out--
Girl: No.
Why don't you go fuck yourself?
(she sighs loudly)
(music plays)
(different song is playing)
Dave Franco: Yeah!
(music is still playing)
Dave Franco: Swing!
Dave Franco: Swing!
Dave Franco: Yeah!
(music is still playing)
Dave Franco: Ahh!
(music is still playing)
(Dave rings the bike's bell)
(music is still playing)
(grunting, screaming)