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Full Credits

Written directed and edited by LaeCharles Lawrence Jr
Directors of Photography
Shem Slobin
Gwyn Stahlhut
Binky Feathers
Starring in order of appearance
Binky Feathers, Sarah Torney Lester, Sienna Torney, Juliette Perkins, Gwyn Stahlhut
Sam Pratt, Rhonda Reed, Genia Gilbert, Jason Clabourne, Alyssa Kreidt, Stephen Bradley, Colleen George, Max Golay, Gregoire Jacquet, Jack Fender
Directors of Photography
Shem Slobin
Gwyn Stahlhut
Binky Feathers
Production assistant and Still Photography
Dustin Page
Beat by DJ Dave Wittman
of Fog & Smog Films
It's Getting real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot
Just want a meal, can a player get a Parking Spot
Look at the line Homie
why you parked way up on me
I'm a fat kid lady, I'm not that bony
yeah I want in on the Whole Foods Parking Lot
Who aint been to the Whole Foods Parking Lot
These soccer moms don't play
Should've rode my bike today
Living Berkeley Real East side of the bay.
Riding up Outback green Subaru
Prius yeah, but this is how Berkeley do
Peace love and sharing
But they're not parking even
keep it moving lady
that dude ain't close to leaving
Can't you see
that there's nine cars backed up
behind that a Humboldt Fog delivery trunk
people need their cheeses
So move out the way
park a little farther walk
it's such a nice day
Hippie Kids eating all vegan everything
I can't lie, I like the whole foods chicken wings
Peranno cheese, Clover milk, throwing up the deuce
nine dollars for a
small pomegranate juice
Bulk foods, be careful when you pull that lever
It comes out quick
best vegan donuts ever!
When I'm feeling sick
Never let it be chronic
I get my Yin Choa, and Ginger Lime tonic
In line, pull my bags out, I digress
I have eleven items
Standing in the ten express
"Sir you have to many items"
oh is that right B?
I thought these counted as one, cause their the same three
Do you want donation or Bag credit
Better gimmie that ten cents
if I can get it
Back at the car, what do I see, SUV parked way to close to me, (Now it's getting real)

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