Its Training Day, and Jean Claude Van Damme is Out For Justice with help from a Kindergarten Cop! (wait, none of those are JCVD movie)

Full Credits

Mike Watkiss: Cop 1
Cole Watkiss: Thug 1
Ryan O'Connell: Thug 2
Scott Alison: Thug 3
Brad Anderson: Boss
Jerome Glazov: Partner 2
Ron Meidlinger: Partner 3
Bob McCormick: Partner 4
Zander Reynolds: Kid Cop
Todd Broeker: Guard 1
Mark Sheridan: Guard 2
Paul Wick: Guard 3
Lloyd Briged: Tour Guide
Maya O'Connell: Mastermind
Dayden O'Connell: Minions
Marina O'Connell: Mom
Music By Argos Cedro