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Twenty years later, Kevin McAllister is back. And this time, nobody will forget him.
Published December 23, 2009 9.6k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
With: Michael Cohen, Sean Conroy, Scott Cushman, Josh Duvendeck, Alex Fernie, Molly Kirk Gardner, Dan Lippert, Jacob Reed, Joel Spence, Betsy Sodaro, Colin Sweeney, Andy Trask
Shot by: Jonathan Nicholas
Make up: Harry Chaskin
Additional Props: Kate Redman
Crew: Rachel Staman, Allison Fields
Special Thanks: Nick Mundy, Michael Truly, Team Tiger Awesome, Jacqueline Gabardy, Michelle Cardinale, Josh Weiner, Harrison Brown, Jay Hathaway, Justin Donaldson, Dan O’Malley, Aristotle Athiras, Team Tiger Awesome
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Published December 23, 2009
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