A day in the life of a couple party princesses

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May 25, 2016


♪ Some day my dreams will come ♪
♪ ♪
[indistinct chatter]
No mom.
He didn't even do anything, like,
he just disappeared,
he didn't say anything.
And he didn't even send
me like a "Have a nice life.
I'm no longer interested
in you," text message.
I don't know why this keeps
happening to me, mom.
No, I cannot send him a text.
Mom, that's not how this works.
I would be so humiliated.
What if he didn't respond to me?
I don't know mom, it's like
every time I start to like
somebody they just disappear, and I really
don't know why this keeps happening to me.
-[door knocking]
-[Female #1]: Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
I'm just getting into character.
Uh, I don't think it's that serious. Is it?
Not that serious?
My parents died when I was a little girl
leaving me and my sister to pretty
much fend for ourselves.
I have the most useless power in the world
that I don't even know how to control,
forcing me to hermit in my room hiding
away from my sister abandoning her.
You know what? All the whole time all
she wants to do is build a fucking snowman.
But no... it's not that serious.
Okay. Take all the time you need.
[indistinct chatter]
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday dear Jenny ♪
-♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
[Child #1]: Whoa!
Snow White was so fair...
she was like the fairest of them all.
-[Child #2]: What does fair mean?
-Like beautiful.
Gorge. Wish she was the fucking shit.
Mom said not to say a bad word.
Oh no, that's okay if it's an
accurate description of someone.
And your eyebrows are so [inaudible].
-Shoo! Go away.
Hi, I'm Elsa, not you.
See this crown? Thank you.
♪ And it looks like I'm the queen ♪
♪ The wind is howling like a swirling storm inside ♪
♪ Let it go, let it go ♪
♪ I don't care
What they're going to say ♪
♪ The cold never bothered me anyway ♪
♪ ♪
I can't lose you.
You have such a Kylie Jenner look.
You like Kylie Jenner?
Are you joking?
Are you fucking kidding me?
You don't know who King Kylie is?
What are they teaching you
in school? Oh my God.
She's like the best.
[Male #1]: I was really loving
your rendition of [inaudible].
You're a natural.
It's like this thing that I do where I like,
try and match my own harmony--
you know like, it fits the pitches here, and
then I try to go one above it.
How do you do that?
It's God given.
-You said you're a church man?
-Yeah. I sing for the choir.
-Yeah. Every Sunday.
-I love church.
I mean, I've been a couple of times.
That's awesome.
I've never watched the choirs, but I can picture
what you would be like up there.
-Yeah, I'm the lead.
-You're the lead?
Yeah, from rehearsals on Saturday--
So you get together and rehearse [...]
-Like this Saturday?
Maybe I'll come watch.
You can join if you wanna.
Oh my goodness, that's so sweet.
I will.
-You should come.
-I will. I will.
Where's the dwarfs?
That's not really appropriate anymore.
You call them LPs, little people,
stubbies, shorties,
shawties, and you can call them midges,
but I don't think you can say midgets.
Anyway, they're working.
They work in a coal mine, you know?
Which I don't 100% support anyway,
because of all the
economic issues there and shit,
you know what I mean?
But I mean, anytime I try to get
them something new it's just like
right back to mining.
One time I tried to get
Bashful an office job,
he couldn't do anything
without turning beet red,
and running his little
midget feet out of there.
I mean, it's like I kinda feel bad, you know,
but what can you do, you know what I mean?
Um, my mom said I can't have that, because I'll get sick.
Your mom said that?
You know what I hate?
I hate L.A. moms.
You know, "I'm just so hip and trendy.
All I eat is Champagne and baby carrots."
You know what? I'm going to tell
you this, because we're friends, right?
Your mom, she's a liar.
Eat the damn sandwich.
You guys, guys, we gotta go.
-You just ruined my snap.
-No more snapping.
I just gave bread to a kid with celiac.
It better not have been my cupcake.
We gotta go!
The sprinkles one?
♪ ♪
[indistinct talking]
-[car engine isn't cranking]
-No way.
-No. Not again.
-You have to.
Fuckin' kidding me?
A little bit harder.
Trying my fucking best, bitch.
[indistinct talking]
♪ ♪
Turn it!
Turn it!