See what happens when people who have never heard of popular Italian pasta dish "spaghetti" sit down to eat it for the very first time.

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Cast: Molly Lloyd, Caroline Martin
Editor: Alex Segal
Production Assistant: Danielle Massie

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September 28, 2015


I don't know. I've never
seen anything like this in my life.
( bell rings )
Well yeah, I've heard of
Italian food, but I've just
never had Spa-yetti.
I'm not saying that right.
I feel like I should know
what it is.
It looks familiar, you know.
I'm excited to try this.
People eat this,
like not on a dare?
I'm not an idiot, you know know what I mean?
I just don't know how to
approach it.
I have multiple of them on
here. Is that okay?
You guys are messing with me.
You're messing with me.
I mean, it looks like a
thousand dead snakes bleeding.
( speaking foreign language )
I think you dropped something ( giggle ).
What's that?
I'm an adventurist, and I love
getting into new territory,
but I don't really know if
I want to get into...
You know what, I don't want to be
I mean, what is this recipe?
Why would you make them this big?
( speaking foreign language )
( laughs )
It's like the new Rubik's Cube.
( he laughs some more )
Okay - no, that's familiar to me.
( speaking foreign language )
Come on, what is this?
Come on guys.
And what do I do with this?
What's this a prank --
Some stupid prank show that you're
putting me on?
I'm this sort of stupid guy
you grabbed off the street to have,
to make fun of, and to laugh at?
Where's Jamie Kennedy, huh?
I understand. Put it in the
multiplexes. No siree.
Okay yeah, that reminds me of
sprinkles on a Sunday.
Who am I? I'm nobody.
I'm just a guy that doesn't
know what the hell this is!
But I'll try it.
I'll try it. Why not.
What is this?
Who the hell even knows what this is?
Who knows how to do it, or
how to eat it?
( chokes up )
You sons of bitches.
( speaking foreign language )
Thank you.
What the hell was that?