has two black boy and black kids. has do you has watching in television australia... more »

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July 18, 2012


black boy 1 :

oh my god has this watching television australia
has this that do you anything has watching indonesia
television has this don't this has black mom ?!.

black boy 2 :

has this where don't west television this watching
change channel indonesia has know this that black
boy don't watch australian channel has this your back
has black boy this ??!!.

black boy 1 :

hey has watching in australia network on
television has find in the watching in the has
watching in Mortified has watch episode has angry
german kid go to australia hahahahahahaha.

black boy 2 :

okay black boy!. has change in television.
has this that do you watching episode in the
teenage comedy from Mortified in the episode
has watching this is a channel that?!.

Father :

hey black boy and black boy has not
this watching teenage comedy porno
has this year 2011 has july 2012. has not
watching in Mortified episode has not this
contain not for black boy is ??!!!.