A creepy/funny Saturday Morning Kiddie Show musical extravaganza taking place low... more »

Full Credits

Created, written, directed, performed, and executive
produced by Kimba
Cave Design and Construction, puppet design and
construction, and voices by Kimba
Music composed and performed by Kimba
Pepper's Puppeteers: Ian Petrella
Summer Shuckahosee
Kooky Puppeteers: Glen Allen, Daniella Martin
Assistant Director: Airto Jackson
Director of Photography: Dan Shimer
Boom Mic operator: Ron Lee, Kozy
Key Grip, Monkey Monster Makeup Application: Scott
Flowers by Howie
Edited by Jesse Spencer
Assembly Editor: Airto Jackson
Additional puppet recording and incidental music
recorded by Dan Shimer
Show songs recorded by Chris Taylor and Jon Weiss
Lights: Douglas Novelli