James Franco teaches YOU how to act with his brother Dave.

Full Credits

Produced by Judd Apatow, Andrew Epstein, and Cohen/O'Brien
Directed by Andrew Jay Cohen
Written by Brendan O'Brien & Andrew Jay Cohen
Edited by Ryan Case
Special Thanks: Jake Szymanski, Vince Jolivette, and Kate Pulley


->You know it pisses me off your loyalty to Spider-ManUh Dave.Davie.Okay.SoUmm no.
->Of course you remember Toby.Okay.Mom said that she was gonna take him to the vetYeah.Time for him to go, you know?Right well, yeah that's a,Come on you did know Toby.Well like I was like two
->You did know Toby.I barely knew him
->Yeah but the emotionOkay.
->I just gave you a lot.Right.
->I'm crying.Yeah but you knew Toby and you liked TobyMan,I'm trying.
->I know it's scaryOkay what about like if umm,Oh you broke your collar bone,I couldn't play baseball that year.You broke your collarbone and you couldn't play baseball?Yeah.My fucking cat died.It's pretty horrible right.I didn't know that he was gonna dieWhat?And I cried even more.Yeah, I don't think that's doin' it for me thoughThat's not doin' it?
->NoThat's not doing it?I mean umm
->I mean if that doesn't do itRemember that time that ummI'm walked in
->I'm waitingI walked in your room and ummThat doesn't make me cry, I still do that.Okay.Different feeling for my hand.Okay.Why would I cry over that?I don't, yeah I don't know.You should cry cause I did it in your socks.