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Full Credits

Nimrod Wiesel - Bob
Lihi Admon - Ari-Anal
Hagit GIlgal - Whore-Sula
Rohy Luzon - Posei-dong
Tomer Meirman - Prince Cummings
Nadav Shlomo Giladi - Eel 1
Tal Ben Yitzhak - Eel 2
Chen Zaidi - Chick with toys
Lital Mekler - Slutty mermaid
Sarah Monique Lake - Skanky girl 1
Ravid Gelfman - Skanky girl 2
Amber Kraus - Skanky girl 3
Lihi Luzon - Skanky girl 4
Technical team:
Avishai Givoni - Cameraman
Dominique Jude Gobey - Artgirl
Yoel Feuermann - Soundman
Jon Baker - Handyman
Roy De-Paz - Carrot
Omer Rosen - Writer and Director
Writing assiatnce from
Zach Golan
Lihi Luzon
Khalid Al Rafati - Photographer
Roy De-paz - Assistant cameraman
Yoel Feuermann - Sound
Lior Avidov - Light
May Radomir - Art
Amber Krause - Make up
Mari Liya - Fins design
Racher Bar - Producer on set
Eran Egozi - Production manager
Melisa Sukman - Clapper Girl
Helping hands:
Lihi Luzon, Bina Rosen
Zuki Rosen
Set and Art
Yigal Golan - Shell constructing
Bina Rosen - Shell design
Accessories and art :
May Radomir, Bina Rosen, Eran Egozi
"HaPolania" sex store - "Adult Art"
Sound and playback
Liran Hasson - Music composer
Voice acting and singing:
Ohad Stolarz, Lihi Admon
Nimrod Weisal, Dominique
Katie Rose Advocat, Neta Shani Shulman Ehrenreich
Omer Rosen
Omer Rosen
With help of Gilad Deutsch
After Affect:
Dvir Ben Zvi
Matan Ben David
May Radomir
Omer Rosen

Stats & Data

March 16, 2013


The porn world is very tempting, and filled with exotic treats.
Ten minutes of showing booty, can help you afford nice things
With your type of looks and beauty, you could have success worldwide.
But now I regret to tell you -- Your Porn-star career just died.
The crew: Cuz you're...

Under 18 [Crew: under 18]
Under 18 [Crew: under 18]

You're underaged so we won't display your ass on the screen.
It don't really matter if you're poor. You're way too young to be a whore.
So wipe off these tears and count few more years, Until you're 18
The hoe like it slow,
This stud likes it hard
This chick's into toys
The soundman likes boys
The technical team,
have sex in their dreams
This carrot just came along (Yeah)

The porn biz' is sore,
Just ask any whore,
Ten years in the biz
Have broken their dreams
The drugs, booze and flees,
And all S.T.Ds
They're all telling you to GO

Crew: under 18
Crew: under 18

So pack up your boobs and go back to school, 'cuz your just a teen.

I don't have to flash my double D
I will go and get a PHD.
(Don't push it...)

We want no trouble, go be a model. It's the same thing...