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A tribute to Billy Squier and the "Rock Me Tonight" dance
Published January 10, 2013 1k views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Get Off My Cloud by The Squids (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) 2013
Yost House Video Productions
Joey Spatafora..........As Himself
Emery Joe Yost.........As Himself
Mr. Lewis...................Louis Hirsch
Lady With Broken Legs.....Beth Gottleib
Squid Yiddish............Sid Yiddish
Linda........................As Herself
Limo Driver...............Kevin Flynn
Video conceived and written by Joey Spatafora and Emery Joe Yost
Directed by Joey Spatafora
Outdoor footage directed by Emery Joe Yost
Camera by Dirty Richard Sanchez
Edited by Josh Romero for romerofilms.com
Billy Squier "Rock Me Tonight" dance choreography by Beth Gottleib
Special Thanks to Steve Kraus and Bradley Adita
Catering by Yost House Video Productions
Song written and performed by The Squids - Billy Latour, Joey Spatafora, Emery Joe Yost, Bolander Davis, Dave Hunt
from the "4 Floors Of Whores" cd
copyright 1995 Squid Music for Take 2 Publishing BMI
Get Off My Cloud (song lyrics)
Don't tell me to turn my stereo down
When you hear my music on
You should be dancing
And be real happy that you live next door to a guy
Who likes to hear really good music
Like The Rolling Stones and "103.5 The Blaze"
Get off my cloud
Cause if you hear me rockin'
Don't bother knockin'
Don't tell me to turn my "Walkman" down
There's no way that you could possibly hear the music
These are small little headphones that bother no one
These are small little headphones
Get off my cloud
Cause if you hear me rockin'
Don't bother knockin'
Cause I'm rockin' baby
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Published January 10, 2013
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