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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Directed by Peter Atencio
Written by Caroline Pho and Michael Busch
Produced by Josh Simpson and Michael Busch
Shot and Edited by Peter Atencio
Starring Brandon Johnson as Captain P
Michael Busch as Dr. Littlefield
Caroline Pho as Ping
Kathy Close as the eldest whore
The Girls:
Kirsten Barrie
Angela Bogan
Darci Borelli
Cynthia Dane
Talia Derry
Mariah Dawes
Paula Dixon
Jennie Floyd
Alice Gardin
Cathy Hamm
Amy Harber
Marisha Huber
Gayla Johnson
Brandi Laren
Katherine Lee
Sardia Marley
Eden McFadden
Whitney Merritt
Koko Sandmeyer
Holly Silva
Shelly Skandrani
Tharam Singh
Joline Towers
The Johns/Workers:
Joe Hartzler
James Ross
Chris Fairbanks
Andrew Grissom
Cale Hartmann
Curtis Rainsberry
Jason Horton
Grips: Ricky Fosheim and Kevin Stewart
Sound by Bo Sundberg
Production Assistant: Andrew Grissom
Special Thanks to Paula Dixon and Jennie Newman
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Published May 02, 2010