A short video of TC's fateful day in 1985 at Oakland Hills US Open.

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May 27, 2010


June 16th, 2010 will commemorate the 25th anniversary, of what most members of the golf media, consider to be, one of the biggest meltdowns in golf history. But one Minnesota company sees it differently.

"Our hats are off to T.C." "our awkwardly straight brimmed, white foam, 80s style hats are indeed off" said Arik Nordby, founder of BogeyPro Golf. "The "double chip" is infamous in the game of golf, and because of it, T.C. made us all feel a little better about our own suffering games." "BogeyPro thinks its time to recognize this terrible shot, and give T.C. his extra 15 minutes for all the right reasons Nordby explained."

Facebook Page BogeyPro has created a Facebook page, "BogeyPro Salutes the 25th Anniversary of T.C. Chen's Double Chip" which currently receives messages from well wishers, golfers imitating the fames swing and T.C. pictures. "We'd love to get T.C. to address his fans with a video post" pined BogeyPro's founder.

Memorial Plaques Also, in the works is a national petition demanding that the U.S.G.A. and Oakland Hills Golf Club (the site of the infamous shot) install not one, but two bronze plaques (the second of which would be elevated) at the site of his Double Chip. "While Bobby Jones, Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus memorialized swings have inspired generations of golfers, TCs provides solace for so many of us struggling with the game" rambled Nordby.

Double Chip T-shirt On June 1st, 2010, BogeyPro Golf will add to their "instructional" t-shirt series, with a version of this epic moment, available on their Web site www.bogeypro.com.

BogeyPro Background Since 2001, BogeyPro has helped average-to-bad golfers embrace their mediocrity with branded golf apparel, gear and tournament prizes. If a good time on the course is more important than your score, consider yourself a pro.