Be a part of Windows history by hosting your own Windows 7 torrenting party.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Nico Tatarowicz, Nadia Kamil, Daniel Lawrence-Taylor, Mike Wozniak, Daniel Maier and Dilys Twiggs
Directed by Al Campbell
Written by The Dawson Bros

Nadia Kamil: Hey! Welcome to the party! The four of us, along with hosts worldwide and you, are going to celebrate the launch of Windows 7. By illegally downloading it on the twenty-second of October, two thousand and nine.

Nico Tatarowicz: Yeah! It's gonna be bigger and better than our last party where we, uh, pirated Photoshop CS5.


Dilys Twiggs: You bet!

Nadia Kamil: And so, we thought we'd share a few tips with you on how to make your torrenting parties more fun.

Nico Tatarowicz: Of course, the first thing you need to do is to go to your favorite torrent site.

Nadia Kamil: Mm-hmm.

Nico Tatarowicz: You know? Like Mininova.

Daniel Lawrence-Taylor: Or Torrentreactor.

Dilys Twiggs: Isohunt.

Nadia Kamil: These are all good, or even Torrentspy.

Daniel Lawrence-Taylor: Or, actually, Torrentspy closed down last year.

[Everyone groans]

Nadia Kamil: Such a shame!

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Daniel Lawrence-Taylor: Yeah. What I like to do is enable encryption in UTorrent so my ISP doesn't limit my download speed.

Dilys Twiggs: That way, you won't get arrested.

Nico Tatarowicz: Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

[Everyone Laughs]

Daniel Lawrence-Taylor: In the days leading up to your Windows 7 torrenting party, why not increase your share ratio by downloading and sharing as much illegal content as possible.

Nadia Kamil: Mm-hmm.

Daniel Lawrence-Taylor: Doing this will ensure you get the fastest download speed.

Dilys Twiggs: I've been seeding an unfinished Radiohead album.

Nico Tatarowicz: I've been watching Avatar.

Dilys Twiggs: Ah.

Nico Tatarowicz: The effects aren't finished, and it's in Spanish!

Nadia Kamil: Well, these are great, guys! Torrenting can be so much fun!

[Everyone Laughing]

Mike Wozniak: Oh, my head. Can you guys keep it down?

Daniel Lawrence-Taylor: Oh, hey Mike! We wondered where you got to.

Mike Wozniak: Look! I found a tiny chair. [Laughs]

Nico Tatarowicz: Ignore him. He's just out of his mind on our, uh, Windows 7 torrenting party space cakes.

[Everyone Oh's]

Mike Wozniak: Guys, check out all the food you made! Mm! I wished we could torrent Windows 7 every day!

[Everyone Laughs]

Nico Tatarowicz: You know, we can. It's free.

Nadia Kamil: With your Windows 7 torrenting party, you are gonna have a blast. So, all that's left to do is kick back, wait for Windows 7 to download...

Daniel Maier: What the f**k are you doing in my kitchen?!

Daniel Maier: How the f**k did you get in?!

Mike Wozniak: Leg it!

Daniel Maier: How the f**k did you get in?!

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