A comedic web series about two New York City actors trying to maintain their dignity despite encountering craziness wherever they turn.

Full Credits

Starring: Gerard Bianco Jr. and Nikki Gold
Directed by: Gerard Bianco Jr.
Producers: Nikki Gold and Gerard Bianco Jr. (Rare View Films LLC)
Cinematography by: Victoria Korty
Supervising Producer: Alessandro Granito
Edited by: Louis Hernandez
Sound: Louis Hernandez and Matt Stephenson
Set Design/Head PA: Brittany Spano
Assistant Cinematographer: Edward Pages
Make-up by: Asha Smith
Cast In Order Of Appearance: Gerard Bianco Jr., Nikki Gold, Jatin Saraf, Dorian McGhee, Noriko Sato, Cristina Henriquez, Ari Barkan