On the way to the Trainwreck movie premiere, LeBron pitches ideas for a sequel to Amy, Judd and Bill more »


[Crowd Cheers]

> LeBron number one.

> LeBron James: So this is my town guys, Akron, Ohio.
And I wanted to bring you guys here, because I'm so excited to bring
ya'll for the premiere--

> Amy Schumer: Yeah, thank you for having us.
LeBron: This is what it's all about.

> Are we close to the
theater? I'm just a little worried we're missing the premiere.
LeBron: Could we get a Galley Boy for him, a California, and some
Potato Teasers?

> Can you put a rush on it, because we do have to get to a premiere?

> Oh, of course.
Amy: Thank you.
LeBron: Thanks Anderson. My guy. So for the sequel I was thinking
that Bill goes to another country to do a procedure over there--
Amy: Right, and doctors order stuff.
LeBron: Yeah, and he comes away with a type of illness, and sickness,
and just dies, just corks over.
Amy: Oh.
LeBron: He just dies.

> That's really unexpected.
LeBron: Yeah, he just dies.

> Wait, when is this?
How far into the movie is this?
LeBron: No, like right away.
As soon as it stars, boom, you see him, the surgery, and right there he gets a
little illness, he falls out.
Amy: No one will see that coming.
Judd Apatow: Wasn't the movie about her grieving for Bill?
Amy: I can cry...I can cry.

> For a quick second
she grieves, but I'm at the funeral as well--
Amy: Right.
LeBron: Amy is there grieving, and I'm kind of like the shoulder...
I'm like the shoulder that she cries on.
Bill: No, that's a
very broad and beautiful shoulder that...
LeBron: I take her
back to her place...
Amy: Yes.

> And we get to talking
about how great Aaron was...
Amy: And that we miss him?
LeBron: Yeah, and we can continue on his legacy.

> Would it
be like Ghost kind of?
Judd: Is Bill a ghost?
Bill: Can I be a ghost? Can I be like ghost kind of where I'm--
LeBron: No, no, no. You have your first part, and then it's over for you.
(Lady): Alright you guys.
Amy: Oh cool.
LeBron: Thank you. You can sit that...is that...
[Interposing Voices]
Bill: It sounds more like a tragedy of my character.
Amy: That's for me.
Judd: I think the thing that would be fun is you shoot it like, handheld,
maybe we do like a constant gardener or something. I think it'll be fun if you do that.
LeBron: No, I wasn't thinking that. That's a good point, but
I was thinking more like, first of all I should direct it.
Amy: Ok cheers, because I love that idea.

> So I wouldn't direct, would I produce?
Amy: I wanna say no, so I'm just going to.
Judd: I don't think you have time to prep as a director, because
of the season.
Bill: Prep?
LeBron: So I was thinking, when we're shooting a sequel I think we
just do it in one continuous shot.
Judd: Like Birdman?
LeBron: Like Birdman. I didn't know anyone knew what I was going to get to.
So it's one continuous shot.
Bill: That sounds terrible.
That sounds like a completely different thing...
People will want to see a movie when they see a sequel. The sequel will
kind just kind of--
[Interposing Voices]
LeBron: Now you're going to be selfish?

> I'm not
being selfish, I'm just saying people like a sequel...
It's like Empire Strikes Back is a continuation...
LeBron: It's the only way to tell the story.
Bill: It sounds like a totally, completely different movie.
I know I'm acting like a dick right now...
LeBron: You Kick off the sequel with a bang. I don't understand...
Amy: I can't believe you're talking to the director like that Bill.
Judd: I thought I was the director.

> Judd, LeBron is directing it.
Judd: LeBron is too busy. He's too busy at practice to direct.

> No, no.
Judd: It takes a lot of time.

> You said you wanted to be the producer.
How are you going to be the director as well?
Amy: You're going to say that to LeBron James?
Bill: If you do a sequel it has to be a continuation of the first movie.
You guys are talking a completely different, tonal film.
LeBron: We're saying if we film it at as one continual, one shot continually throughout
the whole movie.
Bill: I'm getting out of here.
LeBron: Where are you going?

> Bill, where are you going?
You don't know where you are.
LeBron: Ooh, you just gave me an idea. That actually could be
the way he gets killed too.
Amy: That's how he dies.
Judd: I didn't want to say it in front of Bill, but it totally could work,
because you guys have chemistry...
Amy: I told you.
LeBron: I knew that was it. See I knew there was an elephant in the room.
Amy: Yep.

> This is going to be good - this is going to be good.
I don't think you can direct it though. I should direct.
[Music Plays]
Judd: I'll co-direct it.