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Published December 19, 2010 780 views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Hosted by Paul Preston
Featuring David Beach, Kevin Dietz, Ripley Filipowich, Michael Filipowich, Leah Finkelstein, Perry Lambert, Steven Lewis, Corrado Marcucci, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Fredericka Meek, Patrick J. Pieters, Holly Pitrago, Angelina Spicer, Karen Volpe, Jennifer Winkler & Adam Witt
Written by Steven Lewis, Adam Witt, Paul Preston & Karen Volpe with Kerr Seth Lordygan, Fredericka Meek and Angelina Spicer
Shot by Adam Witt, Steven Lewis and Paul Preston
Edited by Paul Preston
Special Thanks to Karen Volpe and Adam Witt
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