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You did it Barack!!!
Published October 13, 2008 370 views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Produced by Catman & Mary
Casey Clark – Obama
Eric Gratton – McCain
George Tsalkis – Bush
Sean Michael Wilkenson - Stormtrooper
Andrew Deputerre - Stormtrooper
Gregor Clark – Director
Adrienne Imbriaco – Producer, Casting
Rachel Wiederhoeft – Production Coordinator
Blythe Frank - Casting
Fight Choreography: Eric Gratton
Rene Crout –Director of Photography
Hannah Neufeld – Editor
Aaron Steinberg – Sound Design, Editing
Sebastian Conley – Text Graphics
Adam Ansorge – Lead Animator
Peter Blanco - Asst Animator
Nicholas Woods – Asst Animator
Bob Gebbie – Asst Animator
Eva Snyder – Asst Animator
Joseph Rufian – Asst Animator
Tobias Roediger – Asst Animator
Euhna Sophie Lee – Asst Animator
Liliana Penagos – Asst Animator
Jon Campbell – Asst Animator
Travis Blain – Asst Animator
Michael del Rossi – Asst Animator
Eric Rothman – Asst Animator
David Wanta – Asst Animator
Nathaniel Caauwe – Asst Animator
Eric Tarkanian – Asst Animator
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Published October 13, 2008

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