Tuesday Gym combines America's 2 favorite past times: Friday Night Lights and Girls' High School Basketball.
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Additional Credits:
Created and Written by
Emily Dorezas…
Directed by
Emily Dorezas….
Edited by
Pete Sebastian….
Shot by:
Frank Sopapunta, Danny Donaldson, Zach Zdziebko, Gary Maras...
Original Music by:
Colty Harrison…
Produced by:
Emily Dorezas, Zach Zdziebko….
Audie Harrison…
Special Thanks:
Al Samuels
Wade Randolph, Katie Nahnsen, Kevin Fleming, Willy Roberts
David Angelo…
Emily Dorezas, Drew Droege, Kelsy Abbott, Christina Anthony, Chris Alvarado, Willy Roberts, Beth Stelling, Emily Maya Mills, Chrissy Swinko, Becky Garcia, Amber Ruffin, Alison Bills, Thomas Middleditch, DC Pierson, Steven Fleming, Jeff Hiller, Tara Copeland, Joselyn Hughes, Ken Barnard, Jason Fever, Dan Kaufman, Ricky Carmona, David Angelo
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Published: March 29, 2012