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Published: August 01, 2010
"Forever Dumb" INTRO Lets crack a smile Lets laugh for a while Haters gonna hate. I'm only tryin to rise Try to do my best when I'm feeling the worst. I am just KeithFromUpDaBlock Let me die dumb, but I'll live forever On the internet cuz of Jonathan Shecter Sitting in this basement I gotta face the Stupid Music from a fat man. CHORUS Forever Dumb I'm gonna be Forever Dumb. Eating Baby Back Ribs Forever. Forever and ever. Forever Dumb I'm gonna be Forever Dumb. I've been livin off my mom forever. Forever and ever. 1st verse Nigga .I done made a thousand videos. See Iv'e been actin stupid since 12 years old & this basements getting cold I'm still stuck up in the hood & the pretty girls. Only date ballers in the hood Yeah they might be pretty ass fuck In the hood but I'm broke. I aint got no car I'm on the bus & subway Taggin my name like I'm Zorro. Livin life with low pay In that lotto ticket line & It never ends Cuz I aint never hit that triple 9. So I'm living for the moment, smoking weed, writing my Parodies, remixing shit Forever dumb all the time. Gettin hard cuz I got haters who say "GET A 9 to 5". But they can kiss my nutz. I'll be fine I'm forever dumb. Chorus I'm not thin I'm a chubby guy Yes I'm the funniest rapper alive Salt pepper ketchup on my cheese fries Lindsey Lohan got coke in her eyes. If I die, Ill stay alive On Skee TV & other websites An Urban Legend I'm forever dumb My name shall survive. Up In comedy spots I'm kickin jokes KeithFromUpDaBlock king of parodies Hands down. & if your hatin fix yo face & Just give me my props Young Dumb, fuzzy hair. Phillies favorite son here If you love cheesesteaks & Tasty cakes you should come here. Props to my father who put music in my young ears. I've been getting dumber every year. Yeah! So If you think I'm funny this is how you let me know. Just cop My mixtape yo. That's how I make my dough, BABY! Chorus Hop through Subway doors Straight up off that C Bus People screaming Keith is The cheapest. Hold Up People threaten lawsuits Haters talkin bullshit. Then hop all up on my dick GET OFF IT! Hold up. Ill be me forever never will I call quits & I would be a baller but I cannot afford it. I'm a shining star. Google Keithfromupdablock Did u get the picture yet I'm drawing you a cartoon Of Dumb. Chorus END Written By: KeithfromUpDaBlock
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